Why do dentists need
amalgam separators?

Why do you need an
amalgam separator?

An amalgam separator is a device that is placed between the dental operatory and the vacuum pump. Its purpose is to capture mercury and other hazardous materials that would otherwise be discharged with waste water back into the environment. There is now a federal mandate that dental practices obtain an amalgam separator and an amalgam bucket for placing other larger dental wastes in order to be compliant. Line cleaners are required to keep suction at its highest rate. At amalgam-separtor.com we offer the products needed to meet compliance requirements.

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Required for compliance:

Certified ISO 11143 Amalgam Separator

Solemetex NXT Hg5

Amalgam Bucket

4 amalgam buckets for Schein

Vacuum Line Cleaner

PowerLINZ vacuum line cleaner

Recieve certificate of recylcing

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Amalgam separators remove amalgam particles from the wastewater to reduce the amount of amalgam entering the sewage system. Amalgam separators are devices designed to capture amalgam particles from dental office wastewater through sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation, or a combination of these mechanisms. Some separators may also use ion exchange technology to remove mercury from wastewater.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation on the use of amalgam separators was finalized and was effective as of July 14, 2017, with the date for compliance being July 14, 2020.
- (source: www.ada.org