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Solmetex is the industry leader of amalgam separators in the US. Their new NXT HG5 series offers an upgrade to the previous HG5 series. The clear collection container provides an easy inspection and replacement when it is full (or after 12 months) and ready for recycling. It can be mounted to a wall or simply placed on the ground, and is compatible with wet or dry vacuum systems. Solmetex amalgam separators meet all EPA Dental requirements and are ISO 11143 certified. The NXT Hg5 mini is designed to for tight spaces and is suitable for 1-4 operatories. The standard NXT Hg5 system is designed to accommodate between 1-10 chairs. The NXT Hg5 High Volume is a system designed for larger practices, it can accommodate 11 to 20 operatories. A central vacuum system is required. 


The Simple One Amalgam Separator

The Simple One is a chairside or mobile amalgam separator. It is 100% self contained, so the entire unit gets changed when it is full. There is no changing of filters or cartridges. The end caps are easily closed to prevent any hazardous spills. The Simple One is an affordable, easy to install solution for a small dental practice or mobile office. 

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The PureWay ECOII+ is the industry leader of amalgam separators in Europe. It has a compact design and works with almost any vacuum system, both wet and dry. The ECO II+ is suitable for 1-10 operatories. ISO 11143 certified and meets all EPA requirements. The ECOII+ offers a higher flow rate than the previous ECOII and even easier installation, and can be mounted on the wall or floor.


Dove Dental

The Capt-all® Handheld amalgam separator by Dove Dental is the only handheld HVE amalgam separator tip. It is a single use product and the easiest way for an office to maintain EPA compliance for occasional amalgam removal. Available in boxes of 25 or 75, a recycling bucket is included. ISO tested to capture over 95%, Capt-all® meets the EPA 441.30(a)(2) requirements for dental office compliance.



The Asdex AS-10 is a chairside or mobile amalgam separator (single chair only). A central vacuum is not required. The average life span is 4-8 months until a replacement separator can be easily swapped out onto the existing manifold head assembly. It does not require any maintenance. The Asdex AS-20 is a central vacuum amalgam separator that is suitable for up to 4 operatories. It's average life span is also 4-8 months. It does not require any maintenance, and is swapped out when full and reuses the existing manifold head assembly. 



The MARS LibertyBOSS works with wet or dry central vacuum pumps and is ISO 11143 certified. It is a sealed unit that requires no maintenance. As a self contained collection separator, there is no risk of hazardous amalgam waste spills that may occur when changing a cartridge filter of another separator. The LibertyBOSS Amalgam Separator service life is as follows:
1-3 chairs – up to 36 Months
4-9 chairs – up to 24 Months
10+ chairs – up to 12 Months

The fill line can be checked by shining a light to the filter before the pump is turned on for the day. It requires a more robust installation (entire full unit) vs the ease of changing cartridges.

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Anterior Quest

The Anterior Quest HG Containment system captures all dental discharge. It is maintenance free and installed by the manufacturer. Every 60 days, Anterior Quest comes to empty the tank. The office must be within a 250 mile radius of Grand Rapids, MI (Great Lakes Region). There are four sizes to choose from depending on how many dental operatories. It's a low cost, hazardous free, filter free system that works with both wet and dry vacuum systems.

Size recommendations:
HG30: 1-3 Chairs
HG60: 4-7 Chairs
HG90: 8-11 Chairs
HG120: 12-14 Chairs